How to run hugo - 1st step

My expetiation

I thought I would install hugo, add a post and I could publish new great blog and it is almost like that, but it required a bit more steps

Is it bad? Not excacly it is normal that we have to learn some convenctions and trick that are required to use some part of technology.

So what I had to do to run …

The first version…

  • Install Hugo - obvious
  • Generate a new site with hugo new site {sitename}
  • Add a post with hugo new posts/
    • I thought it will work after it, but it didn’t
  • Add a theme. They suggest to add it as git submodule.
    • I don’t like submodules, but if it a standard way I am going to go that path.
    • But I will change it, because I don’t like submodules
  • After it I can say my blog is working. Locally.

Next steps?

I can write next posts locally and it works. So I am happy, but there are more steps to allow it working on remote server. I will try to describe all of these steps to allow you to start your blog faster.

Do you have blog?

Write about your blog in comments sections. If you don’t have one, tell me why?

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